Release on GO does not work with cue macro triggers

I have several cuelists set to “Release on next GO”

I am triggering them from a separate cuelist with macros. For example, I have cuelist “SONG” that has several cues, all which have macros set to “TRIGGER” different cuelists labeled “Verse”, “Chorus” and “Bridge”

When running cuelist “SONG”, the other cuelists “GO” but do not release, i.e. they are all still running after being triggered by cuelist “SONG”

IF the cuelists are individually triggered manually, the behaviour is as stated in the manual; the previous cuelist releases.

HOWEVER, if as stated above, these cuelists are triggered from a separate cuelist using macros, then subsequently triggered manually, only the last cuelist manually triggered gets released when a new list is manually triggered.

If “Release on next GO” is selected, why do all lists with this option selected not get released?