Release on Next Go -- doesn't work with overrides?

I have a question about the RELEASE ON NEXT GO cuelist option. Generally, this works really well for my purposes, but I’m having trouble when using overrides in conjunction with the option. I have overrides set to ACTIVATE on playback faders (and not as GO) so they don’t cause the currently active cuelist to release. However, after an override is used, the Release on Next Go doesn’t seem to work.

Cuelist 1 active. GO on Cuelist 2 releases Cuelist 1. No problem.

Example 2:
Cuelist 1 active. Use Override to turn up house lights or something. GO on Cuelist 2 does NOT release Cuelist 1.

Is there something I’m doing wrong / is there a workaround to this?

I’m running Onyx and an M-Touch in a church environment and it is confusing for our volunteers when multiple cuelists are active, so I’m trying to set up the shows to be as simple as possible.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


I am curious what type of house lights you are using? Depending on the type of lights, why not use a submaster parked on playback 10 (as an example) that is always there for your volunteers to use. Now you have house light control that won’t affect your other cuelist.

I know you are trying to keep it simple, but another option would be to spend a little extra time to explain the cuelist views and how they work. I work with a team of volunteers that do all their own programming and most run about 3 to 8 cuelist at a time. On average we have a cuelist for our house lighting, stage lighting, and worship team lighting. We can then have other submasters and cues as needed. Now my volunteers can just press go buttons (for the most part) and not worry about messing things up.

It does take a few weeks to get them use to it, but again depending on your setup, and a few training times and you will have a very helpful team.

Hope this helps,


Watson –

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. I’m a little new to Onyx, so I may have selected the wrong kind of cuelist for my purpose. I’ll give the Submaster a try.

We are using a Lightronics architectural dimmer system for house lights. The same issue I described occurs with other overrides, too, which aren’t using that dimmer. Oddly, it doesn’t occur when using a hazer on the Override. However, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how the hazer fader override options are different from the house lights – they appear identical, but they behave differently.

Your point about training volunteers are well-taken. It’s definitely a bigger question for us overall, but you’re right that the volunteer team could be much more helpful and effective with just a little deeper knowledge.

Thanks again for your thoughts.



I’m not completely sure, but I’m thinking that the override issues and releases are tied to cuelist that have the same fixtures in both cuelist or overrides. I’m not really sure exactly how ONYX handles this but sounds like a combination of LTP’s and cue settings. The reason the Hazer override seems unaffected is probably because the hazer is on an override by itself and not in other cues. You might try a few cuelist, overrides, and submaster that don’t share fixture between them and observe how they respond.

Again, hope this helps,