Release Preview 4.2.1047

EDIT: this has been taken offline as there are issues with network sync. A revised version will be posted shortly.

Hi all,

This is a pre-release announcement of a new ONYX build.
Version 4.2.1047 contains no new features but a few important bugfixes.

4.2.1047 (15/05/2019)

Improved MIDI (fixed timecode jumps on NX2/NX Wing)
Fixed DMX IN issues
Fixed calibration parameter display M2GO (HD)/M2PC
Fixed external display on M1
Fixed sorting by universe or address

4.2.1046 (25/04/2019)

Improved command execution times
Improved DMX startup
Fixed unpatching when patching fixtures to already assigned addresses while selecting UNPATCH as conflict resolution
Fixed occasional error popup when switching screen layout
Fixed internal DMX ports not showing/working on NX2 / NX Wing and re-initialized M2GO HD / M2GO / M2PC
Fixed importing fixture not including accessory information

As the team is developing DYLOS in parallel these maintenance tasks are performed on the 4.2 release, however no major features will be added until we get into the DYLOS test cycle.

Please consider to install this on your own systems for a final test of the integrity of the installer. It installs over the existing 1045 version. This is not a beta build and will likely go online within a day or two on the support page. Just posting it here ahead of time.


Will test tomorrow. Ran into the DMX in issues before the concert when I posted the video on the FB Page. FOH ist still untouched.

Respected Sir,
Today installed the M6 ONYX OS 4.2.1045 to M6 console and ONYX OS (NX + HD) 4.2.1045 to M2GO HD and working fine.
Previously used the M6_OnyxOS4.0.1010 and M-SeriesHD_OnyxOS4.0.1010 and was fine.
Is it essential to install the Version 4.2.1047 to M6 & M2GO HD?
Is it safe to install a Pre release version to 24X7 working consoles?
Thank you very much

It is not a beta build, but a release version available prior official release. You can install and test it, if something goes wrong, please give a notice here.

Security precautions:
A) don’t do this on a production day, especially if you don’t have that much time for troubleshooting.
B) make a backup of your show files first.
C) When something goes wrong, you can go back to the last release version. Do note that this will require a complete reinstall, so all show files will be lost. Do also note that show files of the new version won’t load on the older version.


Hi urgently need help with DMX In issues. Installed this 4.2.1047 in hope of curing them and now it no longer works at all.

Brand new NX2 was running 1045 and dmx in would only work for the channels i had mapped direct to Dimmers. Dmx in channels mapped to over rides, sub masters and quelists would only work sometimes. Console had to be rebooted several times to get any joy.

Have now updated to 1047 in hope of getting it to work properly but now DMX in does not work at all for me on this version!

Client threatening to reject this console we ha have sold them as it does not work in their required way. Help!!!

Source input needed changing to internal instead of USB2Dmx from previous versions.

Big thanks to Ofer for helping me out.

@Matthias, Can I get an ISO file to install with M1? Seems the link is only .exe


You can install this over 1045. No need for an ISO.

@Matthias… Man, This new update is a bit of a wreck on the M1.

  • Can’t connect to PC to run as slave on a network.
  • After an attempt, lose complete access to the “menu” on the M1 rendering it essentially useless.

Do you guys have an M1 in house for testing when doing software updates? Mine is still a brick over sACN since I updated to 1045 and I had only been getting around it by using my PC with 1045 and using the M1 as a slave. Feel free to come over to Saddleback for some testing… It is getting a bit annoying how bad this is for the M1 right now. Sad I have to essentially just use it as a controller because it won’t communicate correctly over a network with 1045 or above.

back to 1045 for now I guess… please send someone over to check this stuff out.


1048 should correct all issues mentioned