Releasing Chases- Fixture Specific...

I am befuddled… I want to set up a bunch of chases for different fixtures in my light show. For example - I have chases for my par cans, and different chases for my uplights. I want to be able to click from chase to chase for each fixture during the show and have the new chase begin and the old one release for each fixture type. When I begin, if I click and tap “Par Chase 1” the chase runs just fine. Problem is: If I click “Par Chase 2” or “Par Chase 3” while the first chase is running, the first chase doesn’t release, they just “stack” on top of each other and look really bad. To confuse things further, SOME chases will release, others will not… Now I do realize that I can fix this by selecting “Release on Next GO”, which would be fine if I only had one type of fixture - but I have many different fixtures. If I set each chase to release on next GO, clicking a Par can chase will stop an uplight chase and vice versa. Basically, with release on next go, the entire program seems to be only able to run one chase at a time. This cannot be the case - I MUST be doing something wrong!!! Please help!!!


Please check your cues content.

To have the auto release working, you should reuse the same channel/timing/FX between each cuelist (standard LTP)

Doesn’t work. I just created two chases on the same light - one a three step RGB chase, the other a three step WBG chase. Everything identical except the colors. They are CH57 and CH58. Here is what happens: Chase 58 will auto release 57, but not the other way around. Chase 58 will not release 57. I have noticed this a lot - chases will release one way but not the other… No idea why…

Check your cues content.

You said one chase is in RGB and the other one GBW. So here you miss the white at zero in your first chase, and in the second chase you miss the red at zero.

You have to consume the same channel (even if doing nothing)

They shall use the same channel/timing/FX and the same fixtures.

Then the value can change, but the same channel fixture shall be used to have auto release (principle of LTP).

Check and compare your cuelist chase.

Understood. But they were at zero. I didn’t touch them. Or do I need to touch them - move them off zero to “activate” the channel, then put back to zero?

Right! You have to use the same channel, even at zero

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