Renaming and deleting cues

Im using the free version on a pc atm with no controllers attached just to learn the software. Ive read threw all the posts about renaming and deleting cues and nothing has work, mainly the instructions i read here sound like its being done on a controller vs a mouse.

I added a rename sidebar button to no avail. Is it necause im using the free version?

If anyone could help me with clear cut instructions i would grratly appreciate it. Ive been trying to rename a cue for 3 hours now lol.

Hey @MarkT,

Welcome to ONYX. For renaming a cue within the Cuelist, make sure the cue is the selected cue and you have the Cuelist Values window up. In the top left of the frame should be a button labeled “Edit”. Make sure that is selected (red). The select the cue you want to rename. The command line should read “rename cue”. Just type the new name and press enter.

For renaming the overall Cuelist, you’ll see the current name in a box to the right of the edit button. Same idea, with the edit button red, select the current name. The command line should read “rename Cuelist”. Type the name and press enter.

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Thank you for your help. Out of the 4 cue sidebar view options, i found the “Edit Mode” button in “Selected Cuelist” and was able to rename said cue.

What confused me was people on here saying "cuelist values"but it doesnt exist. Its “Selected Cuelist”; “Cue Values”; “Cuelists” and “Active Cuelists”. How would i go about deleting a cue or preset if i record it in the wrong spot?

Edit: I figured out how to delete a cue easily, by pulling up the keypad thing, clicking delete, then selcting the cue, then hitting enter. I suppose copy and move work the same way.

The undo button work the same way. How would i undo something?

As this is a standard way of renaming cue lists, and a different method is used to rename presets and groups.
Maybe we could have things more even with a RENAME/LABEL button?
Like it is on other brands (Grand MA - 2 times click Assign button and touch what You want to re-label - cues, lists, faders, presets, etc, Avolites - Set Legend - to rename or add a pictogram, or own hand drawn picture to label things - including cues, Hog 4 - press set to rename, ETC - Label to rename…)
If all labeling is done in the same way, it could be very easy and fast to change names to cues, presets etc…
Also this would avoid activating Presets when just changing a name. Now You need to press the preset and start typing. This leads to activating the preset, unless You have preview on.
Maybe we could have a LABEL button in the future… :slight_smile:


This is possible in version 4.8 as the RENAME command was added to the list that can be assigned as functions. Commands / Actions / Rename.

On the presets, there is also an option to turn on / off “apply on empty”. With this off, you can select preset quickly to rename them without adding it to the programmer. Maybe you already know about that option.

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Ouh man, I totally missed that. Thank You for the extra information :slight_smile:


The UNDO button tracks changes made in the programmer.
So say you set a look up and you accidently cleared something or changed something. Rather than “reloading all the values” you can just hit undo. Think of it like the undo in a word document when typing. Each letter you type can be undo one at a time. So just each parameter change can be undone one at a time.

Sorry I missed the reply with additional questions, but sounds like you are getting it figured out.

I’ll have to look the next time I’m in front of the software, but there should be a side bar function with a view called cuelist (or cue) values (If you have a default workspace loaded). But selected cuelist also would work. The trick is to make sure you have the cuelist you need to rename, selected. Either way, you got the right idea now. So hopefully it will make things easier for you.

Hope this helps,


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