Renaming/cloning/moving fixtures

I use an M1. Previously the cloning process lagged a bit but renaming and moving fixtures and patching fixtures happened with no hang time. Since upgrading to the newest version on the site I have experienced minute long lags to patch 4 fixtures. Cloning takes forever and moving fixtures doesnt even work half the time because it is so lagged.

Anyone else experience this?


Just curious, but how many fixtures are already in your shownfile? How many presets, groups and cues? Can you save your show file to a PC, make the changes and move it back? If so, does it still take a minute long?

I have a Maxxyz Compact in addition to several pc’s and just patched 12 new fixtures and then cloned them to my cues, groups, and presets. It took about a minute total as well. I believe the system has to pause some background services well it updates things. I didn’t think it took very long. I’m running just under 4 universes with over 400 fixture ID’s. I know this is on ver 3.60.734 for the compact, so I also tested on 4.0.1010 (ONYX PC) and got the same result.

Hope this helps,


On my laptop with almost identical specs to the console the same changes take around 5% of the time as on the console.

I have around 400 fixtures, 800 presets and 4000 cues.

This is pretry riddiculous. Cloning 8 fixtures into 24 fixtures of the exact same type, R2X spots, took me 16 minutes yesterday. Same function on my PC again with virtually identical specs only took 45 seconds.

Does your M1 have an SSD drive? It could also be running out of RAM as its limited in the M1s.