Replace position x,y with preset in existing cue??

Hey all, I have a small problem I’d like to fix. I have a bunch of cues which contain pan and tilt for all my moving fixtures.

if I go into the cuelist directory and select one of the cues, then head over to cuelist values, some of my movers P/T are direct values while the rest show that they will move to the preset I made for that cue.

Naturally the issue here is after I update the preset, these movers will not move to the correct position when I select the corresponding cue.

Does anyone know how I can replace the P/T values in cuelist with a preset?

Hey Guy,

This will require editing the individual cues in the cuelist, selecting the desired fixture(s) and then selecting the preset(s) you want and updating the cue. You’ll have to do each cue by itself when using this method.

You could also do a range of cues in a cuelist using the Record Merge option. This is a little more complicated. Select your desired fixture(s) and preset(s) that are in the cues. Record Cue X thur Y and select the Merge option. Since you are only wanting to change PT values, I would also select the PT filter just so you don’t accidentally change other parameters. If you have never used the Record Merge option, you may want to make a copy of the cuelist first just so you have an original to fall back on.

Hope this helps,


Select the fixture, apply the preset, record cue X. Use “Merge” .

Thank you