RESELECT fixtures by the button

Hi To all!
If I am in Highlight mode and select a few fixtures how can i reselect them using the " Reselect" button?
Currently seems not to work,or do i need to activate something?
Thank you!

Hi! Never tried this button because I’m always using the last+next buttons (in the same time) from my M-Touch to get back my whole selection ^^

But after reading the documentation, it appears that the reselect button is to select your previous fixture selection (when nothing is selected, kind of undo when selection has been empty)

So this is not the button for what you are waiting for.

Press next and last button in the same time to restore the full fixture selection

But at this point it could certainly be a great feature!

Still seems like the Next/Last combo would be the proper solution the OP is looking for.
Funny enough, I think the ‘Reselect’ feature is actually something I’ve been semi-looking for, so thanks!