Reset To 1st Cue Issue

I’m a sound/light tech at a club for bands. I set up my rig to run wash lights on 4 sides, 4 movers on the back truss, and 3 movers as ‘front spots’ on the front truss. I made all my banks cues w/o the front spots in them. I made the 3 spots as buttons I set the priority to 60 so they will light/shut off over the top of whatever cue I’m currently playing. This because Override always blacks out the wash lights, leaving only the spots lit.

I was told I shouldn’t use release on next go in this type of setup. The problem I have is that I want to be able to move to a new set of cues in either the same bank or a different one. I’m told that the cuelist should reset to 1st cue if I have it selected in settings for said cue. It doesn’t, ever but I want it to if i don’t complete the full lists of cues in that cuelist. See the pic showing that after I didn’t complete each list, it didn’t reset. Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!

Anyone home? :grinning: