Resetting tracking in cue list

Is there a way to delete changes in fixtures in a cuelist, essentially resetting tracking?

For example, I have a cuelist with 2 cues. Originally, the lights are red on cue 1 and blue on cue 2. But now I want the lights red on cue 2. Is there a way to delete the change on cue 2 so that they’ll track with cue 1 again?

If you want something to track and all is setted correctly ,you Need to delete the new information for that parameter in your cue 2 .
You can edit cue 2 and Press clear ,select color ,press enter and then update.

Giancarlo is right, you need to remove the programmed values on cue 2.

Another method that works for me:

  1. (optional) If you don’t want anyone to see the changes happen, activate preview/blind mode by pressing ctrl+P
  2. Activate color by changing a value or right clicking the color and selecting Load
  3. Make sure your cuelist is in Edit mode (Active Cuelists > Select your cuelist so it shows up in the active cuelist > Click on “Edit Mode”)
  4. Press Record
  5. In the Record Filter, choose “Remove”
  6. Click on Cue 2 in the Active Cuelist
  7. Press enter
  8. Select “Simple” from the removal filter choice box
  9. (optional) Turn off preview/blind mode by pressing ctrl+P