Reverting to previous playback button upon button release.

Is there a way to automatically revert back to a previous playback upon release of a selected button?
For example, I have a playback for my moving heads to move with a rainbow colour effect, and one that strobes the same fixtures.
I have several playbacks that are all set to “release on next go” so during a show I can literally just hit one button, then another to jump between different looks.
The issue i have is that, with the playbacks set to “release on next go”, whenever i hit the strobe playback (set to down-go, up-release) it releases the previous playback when what i actually want is just a temporary strobe.

Is there a way to keep the playbacks set to (release on next go) but have the strobe playback temporaily override and then release back into the original playback?

Try saving your playbacks as “Override” playbacks. If you do that it will take highest priority when its active, and once you let go of the button all your other cues runs as normal without releasing.
You can read more about it here: