RGB+Amber+Cyan+Lime/RGBW/HSR and other modes in color picking

Found similar question from 2016, but this still didn’t done.
There are a lot of fixture with color control except RGB and CMY. But color picker still work only with this two. It’s possible. To control color manually , but it take much more time. Will this function will be? As I understand this idea was on “To do list” from 2016 but still…


This feature is difficult to implement. Not even ETC with their advanced color mixing control engine has this capability with all fixtures.

If this is implemented, it may be only for Elation fixtures, as it is hard to mix one color with different recipes of color engines available from the different manufacturers. One company’s lime may be more like a cyan vs another. Mixing with only three variables (RGB) is much easier to calculate. adding in more color variables increases the degree of difficulty and lack of accuracy as the colors vary from the reference color point.

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it is a pity that this function is not directly in the console. I found that if used in tandem with Capture Visualization software, then this function works with RGBWA channels if tweaks that from Capture.

I’ve wondered if this could be implemented with some “outside of the box” thinking. Here’s an idea that could perhaps spark some discussion –

What if the operating system could allow the user to define a few “calibration” palettes that Onyx then references to “map” the Colour Picker. For example, the user could be asked to set all of their colour-mixing fixtures to match certain “points”; like 56k, 32k, cyan, magenta, yellow, amber, red, green, blue, lavender, lime… and by interpolating the provided data, Onyx could then much more easily calculate the “in-between” combinations.

Not sure if I’m explaining myself clearly at all, haha. Would love to hear your thoughts!


I’ve wondered the same thing. Why not let the end user participate in the calibration? The user calibration data could also be shared with others. If a fixture is off color, the end user could calibrate it.