Right click on Touchscreens

In more recent versions, I have been noticing more and more cases of UI bugs regarding right clicking on touchscreens (Press and Hold).

When using the mouse right click everything works as expected but not on touchscreens.
I verified this using different touchscreens and drivers.

In this specific example I showed issues with the playbacks and parameter groups but the issue is present in the sidebar, Dylos zone composer (where it might be intentional), Dylos content browser (user folders),

It would be great if someone else could verify!

Although many of these situations can be bypassed with keypad combinations, many cannot and apart from that, it is just a real bummer to have the feature but not be able to use it.



I noticed the same behaviour. I initially noticed it when trying to clear some parameters from an effect.
I also think this is not a new issue in the latest version. I think I was never able to do that right click via a touchscreen since we started with Onyx. So V 4.4/4.5/4.6.

Would be really cool to get that fixed as we are also having a mouse right next to the screen just for that purpose.


Thank you for your input! We have fixed this bug and it will be available in the next maintenance release.

Wow! Thank you so much. This kind of work is what makes Onyx special. The fact that the users are actually able to result in change.
Thank you!

BTW. works like a charme in 1220

Thanks for fixing that. No need for a mouse anymore ^^