rtp midi in for nx1

hello please dear devs, can you give use the possibility to receive midi data via network midi on nx1? or just let us install rtpmidi on console os. what is the problem?

No open standard exists for midi over ethernet. The Midi association is releasing Midi 2.0 to add this function, and Microsoft is implementing it.

NAMM 2024: Midi Manufacturers Association - YouTube

We do not allow third party drivers on embedded consoles as we can’t support them and ensure they do not interfere with ONYX.

so any kind of network midi will be possible in onyx by a windows update in near future?
also on the nx1?

We can not answer this until the support is released by Microsoft and we can implement this.
It will have to be scheduled into our development pipeline, so it could take some time until its available and supported.

thanks a lot for this reply, it helps to keep the hope.