Running Backup Onyx System

I have been experimenting with running Onyx on PC with another computer running as the backup. I have successfully connected a slave computer to the show over an X-Net network, and this computer runs the show and they sync up properly. However, when testing a failure scenario, everytime the Master computer is disabled, the slave computer automatically resets the Main Stack (possibly any current stack but i have only tested using a single stack), so the next time you press GO on the slave computer the stack goes to Cue 1, which could really screw up a show. Is there a way around this? If not, should there be?

Hi Swimking,

I have also run across this problem and it indeed makes running a tracking backup a pointless exercise. However I always still backups for security of the show.

The only work around that I can see is before pressing go on the backup computer would be to type the that you are currently say Cue #4 would be Cue 4 then at least you would make sure you backup is in exactly the same Cue as your Master PC. You can then press with out the fear of jumping back to top of the cue stack.

Hopefully they will address this issue in the next release.



hello, is there any progress in getting a proffessional way hot backup in onyx?

it is important for choose a hardware license!



You mean this issue is still around?

hello. yes, the second onyx follow, but if master onyx is gone, and we press go on second, onyx goes to the first cue in the cuelist the master console leaves the show.

that is super uncool.
because in the case of needing a backup you need it without long checklists to do while hot swap from master to backup console.

can you fix it?



ok, I’ve been able to reproduce, this should indeed be fixed

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then we can buy a backup license key and a netron 12…