Running lights from stage with Onyx

My band is looking at lighting software to take our light show to the next level. We have several RGBW color washes and moving head lights controlled via DMX. We are using a DMX controller using either a midi keyboard or a Behringer FCB1010 midi pedal to trigger our scenes.

What we would like to do with the DMX software is to build cue lists for each song and each cue inside those lists would be for each section of the song: intro, verse, chorus, verse 2, solo, outro, etc. Since we don’t play to a click track or midi clock, I want to be able to press a button on the Behringer to advance to the next cue or cue list. Will Onyx allow me to do this using the NX Touch as the interface, (for the free green licensing) and any generic midi to USB connector for the laptop?

As a side note, I am also looking at purchasing L8 CE for a 3D visualizer so I can build cues and cue lists without having to set up the whole light show. How does Onyx talk to a 3D visualizer that is on the same laptop?

Via MS Loopback Adapter

I’ve got L8 on the same laptop as Oynx, and I’m sure it worked without the loopback. You just needed to selected the correct IP address in L8 to match what Oynx is sending.

Yes, you’ll just need to set up the midi controller within obsidian to trigger the cue