sACN duplicated universe output issue

Hi everyone,

Have a four universe rig running thorugh sACN, universes 3 and 4 are fine.
When outputting data to universe 2 it is sending to both universe 1 & 2.
Nothing happens when outputting to universe 1.

It has to be something inside the Oynx settings because it is working fine from a GrandMA and the qlc+ lighting software.

Any ideas? Much appreciated.

Can you please check the universe allotment in the Onyx menu, about which port has to be universe 1and which has to be2 if you are clear with it, try to patch same fixture with different address in universe 1and 2 and try to respond the fixture it has to respond in both, then try to take two fixtures and patch individually in 1and 2 universes with different address this has to fix the problem, if not save the show and reload again and checkā€¦ Hope it may help. Best regards.