sACN missing from EtherDMX

I am using a desktop computer to run ONYX software from… so far so good for a newbie to Onyx!
I purchased a NX DMX box and finally got to try and interface with Capture BUT the menu item for sACN at the bottom of the EtherDMX page is missing.
I am connected via hard wired to the internet.
I am running Windows 10 on a slightly older HP desktop with a touch sensitive screen attached.
What am I missing?


which specific menu item? Maybe your pc has really high display scaling, try to set it to 100% to test.

After following a couple of other threads on here it seems that Capture is not available for the NX-DMX and a license has to be purchased separately.

Thanks for the help though.

The NX-DMX will unlock 4 universes of output (sACN / Art-Net / DMX). So a properly configured ONYX and Capture system will work.


  1. Are you running on the same machine or over a network.
  2. Does ONYX show NOVA in the bottom left
  3. Have you tried the alternative method of CITP

Depending on the answers will help us better advise. My guess is a network issue first and then maybe a ONYX / Capture configuration setting is being missed.

Hope this helps,


I am using the same machine
ONYX does NOT show NOVA anywhere
What is CITP?


What version of ONYX are you running? The first issue is finding out why your NX-DMX does not unlock / indicate NOVA license. Depending on your version, there maybe a firmware update needed for your NX-DMX. Once we get NOVA to show, then we can better troubleshoot your sACN (and / or CITP) connection to Capture.

CITP (Controller Interface Transport Protocol) is an open communication protocol between lightning desk, media servers, and visualizers. It was developed by Capture. ONYX and Capture have a bi-directional link. Allowing ONYX to get patch information from Capture or vise versa. You can also manipulate fixture in Capture and there DMX values will be loaded into the programmer. You’ll want to read up on it a little bit, but it is very helpful once figured out. Here is a link for it from the manual. Connecting to Capture

Hope this helps get you started,


Thanks for the tips. The adapter cables (5pin to 3pin) finally arrived and I was able to unplug the old ShowDesigner 1 and plug the NX-DMX box up.

Good things - the NOVA button appeared in the lower left corner of my screen.

BAD stuff - all the lights are randomly running, most are strobing. Not what I was expecting. What am I missing or did wrong. I followed each set of instructions to Patch, Group, and Preset.

I thought I had sone good… boo hoo

My guess is that there is a profile mis-match between what you had running on the old ShowDesigner1 and what you patched into ONYX. What you are describing sounds like start addresses aren’t lining up.

Example. Show Designer 1 has 3 par lights patched in a 3 channel RGB mode light. The start address would be 1, 4, and 7. It’s possible that in ONYX the same make / model of light got patched in an “extended” 5 channel mode. Meaning, the light has the ability to have 1)dimmer, 2)red, 3)green, 4)blue, and 5) strobe. So in ONYX it is now patched at 1, 6, 11. Thus causing the current rig to act sporadically.

Take a look at that and see what happens.


Thanks for the advice, I think I have the patches set correctly now.