Sacn Option

Hi i have a issue with onyx and sacn

randomly the sacn option go to off when we close the computer and back on with need to go reactivated !the option is on the network area . the selection goes Off

its a EP4 device over a un managed switch dedicated

we apply the setting and save the show files already

let me know if you know this issue ?


any news

Can you provide more details about your setup? NETRON firmware versions? ONYX software versions? I use sACN weekly and don’t have any issues. Is the EP4 getting reset?

Hi Watson

thx for the reply

the EP4 was on the last firmware , but its look like a onyx problem

when i turn on the scan option on the network area evreything is good

but when the customer open is computer the second day they need to go activate this option !

we do save backup , re-instal onyx , but we have the same problem

if i test the show files on my laptop everyting is fine , so i dont know what is this issue …

Have you tried doing a test with a new Show file on the clients system? Maybe it is tied to that specific PC network settings?

I’ve also experienced this issue - ONYX 4.8.1244.0

i find my problem on my side , on the computer some of the light tech , instal a ip scanner software , so it was the issue , the software running some app in the back ground of windows , maybe it would help you