safe bpm values either to f-keys or presets/playback buttons

because there is no tap to bpm (will hopefully be added in the future) I have to rely on a lot of chases. Most of the time they are using the global bpm rate to make them more versatile.
When there is a song change I also want to change the bpm to whatever the songs one is.
Right now I either have to manually enter it or tap it, having the ability to save different bpm values somewhere (cuelist, f-keys, preset, with a macro) would streamline that process.

macro would be my favourite option

Hi AnnoyedSandwich,
first of all, I love your name.

It is not possible to save specific BPM values to function keys on the console.

However, what you can do is automate the beat sync. I don’t know how fluent you are with MIDI, but MIDI sends out a beat clock signal. Most free and all professional DJ systems output such a MIDI beat clock signal. This signal is the equivalent of you pressing “beat” on your screen/keyboard.

If you can get the signal into your PC either via network, USB or MIDI cable, which most DJs will be used to supplying, you can use OSC either through show cockpit or a generic OSC program to map this MIDI clock to signal to the “beat” button in Onyx.
I know this is more of a workaround than a proper solution but it works.
If you want a purely software based solution with no MIDI input, there are also programs that work with your microphone to get BPM. I am sure you could build something around that.