Saved Onyx sttings seem to don't load correctly

Hi to all,excuse me if I am wrong!
Saving my layouts

and then trying to merge or replace it doesn’t give me the same result on my new show!

Am I missing something as USUAL! :slight_smile:

When importing the layout, only the views are imported, not the workspaces.

So you have to rebuild your workspace with the imported views.

Ok so that’s why !
I was getting crazy thank you! so sorry it doesn’t do that ,loading also work space is a really nice feature to have.
But if the way it was designed is for just “CLONE or SWAP” I can understand .
Anyway maybe consider the chance to add it .
Thank you all for the infos!

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Workspaces are part of the export/import. replace workspace should give the exact environment as the original show.

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Yes they do,i didn’t remember that I have created my default view! so the importante thing is to go to the correct saved view! :