saving fixture profiles


I am trying to create a fixture profile and I get and error while saving the fixture. All of my channels are checked in the editor as good. The name is simple and so forth…

Thanks for your help


I have the same issue, completely new fixtures or existing ones are throwing the error “An error occured while saving the fixture”.
I’ve all ready ran the cleanup tool, reinstalled everything from skratch without any luck.

Did you find a solution for this problem?

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It seems that the problem comes from the configured wheels.
I can replicate the issue as follows:
If I create a gobo wheel and I create a slot with following image: “beamZ” - “Triangles” the error is activated.
Once removed the fixtures saves correctly.
It seems that some images are causing problems.


I have confirmed the Fixture Editor is most definitely broken and cannot save a fixture profile if:

  1. Edit an existing profile and add custom colour or gobo wheels and then use connect those wheels in colour and gobo channels.

  2. Create a new profile from scratch, create custom colour and gobo wheels and then connect those wheels in colour and gobo channels.

Which basically means you can’t create a fixture profile to show correct colours and gobo’s in the current version of Fixture Editor as it will always throw the error message ‘error cannot save the fixture profile’

This is something I feel needs urgent attention!.

Timeline please for when the Fixture Editor will be fixed.

We just posted release 4.2 that corrects this.

after spending 4hrs making a fixture profile when i click on save fixture my editor says “an error occurred while saving the fixture”, i go to the obsidian forum and find some bugs related with this exactly as it happened to me but it was fixed in the editor version 4.2 so i have the 4.8.1244 and it happened to me just yesterday as it happened in the past, please help.