Saving Layouts Problem

  1. Using Onyx 4.0.1010.0. Windows 10 PC. No hardware, just touchscreen for control. I set the layout on my PLAYLIST view to 20 columns and 10 rows. Then I save the show file. When I restart Onyx, the layout is back to 10 columns and 10 rows. Can I not save the layout grid with the show file? I am working on 1 computer only and not trying to save the layout and then load it on a different system or hardware. Simply just saving, closing Onyx, then reopening and losing the layout.

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Hello, seems like you forget to save your window option.

Unlock your views, and right click on the one you want to save, then “Save”.

More information here:

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Hello, I most certainly did! Thank you. That did the trick.

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