'Search' in Cuelist window List View

It would be hepful to have a ‘Search’ feature in the Cuelist window List View. Such as a text box where you can type a few characters and it will filter down to only the Cuelists that have that string in their name.

At our church we are starting to build a large “library” of song Cuelists. Then whenever we do a particular song again we can just look for that song’s existing cuelist and copy it into an executor, and then we’re ready to go with that song (or use it as a solid starting point to build off of).

I know we can sort the List View by name and then manually/visually search through the Cuelist names alphabetically. But as our Cuelist “library” becomes larger and larger that gets more and more time consuming to do manually. Instead, a ‘Search’ feature in the Cuelist window’s List View would sure be a much faster/easier way of finding specific Cuelists in a large “library”.


Oh, and ‘Search’ in the Cuelist window Restore from archive view as well… please. :slight_smile:

I’m going to start Archiving the song cuelists and then each week Restore the ones we need in the main cuelist view, to keep the main cuelist view cleaner. So that moves my ‘Search’ need more to the Restore from archive view, although it will still be helpful in the main cuelist view as well.