second screen (HP E24t G5) is not working proprelly

i have connected a PC with my pc and only the first collum is working.
outside onyx screen is fully toutche, just insed onxy it’s like only part of it is toutachable.

is there any configuration adicional?

yes you need “open” the second screen
Displays (

sorry i wasnt able to explain very well.
i hve the 2nd screen connected to a SURFACE PRO 7 from microsoft.
on the 2nd screen only a small part of the screen is "toutchable.
It’s like 1\5 fo the toutch sensitive part would be workint.
But if i turn off the Onyx and use Word, pain all the screen is toutable.
If i connect the same scren to the onyx NX1 i works ok. So my mind go or to the SURFACE that has no video capability to be using onxy on PC, or some configuration i’m missin on the onyx side.

apreciate all the help.

What software version are you running on the NX1? How about on the ONYX PC? Are they different. There was a small bug in one of the builds. 4.8.1238 and beyond corrected this.

both have the same version. 4…8.12440

Have you tried calibrating the second touch screen with the Surface pro? Also checking display resolutions and DPI settings? Maybe an outdated windows driver for that model? I’d check these things and do the calibration for sure before starting ONYX. Then start ONYX and see if you get the touch areas back.

Hope this helps,


I guess you’re using different scaling between the Surface display and the external one? We’ve started converting our UI to the latest technologies for being able to deal with these scenarios.
For now, if you could find a common scaling that’s usable for both screens, you should be good. If you can’t find such a common scaling, you could also turn off “Automatic Window Scaling” at the bottom of Show/General (Window Behaviour) menu. The latter would make it tedious to move Onyx windows across the displays, though, as their parts are not re-scaled per display as long as there’s an overlap.