Select fixtures automatically on loading or editing a cue

I know that there is a short cut or a command that selects the fixtures when loading or editing a cue.
But can’t recall it…
So the idea is to “edit” or “load” and straight, I can edit values without having to select the fixtures (also keeps the selection order originally recorded).
But I don’t remember how and I’m not able to find it in the forum.

Load + Load

“Select fixtures automatically on loading or editing a cue” This should be automatic!

But the LOAD LOAD loads everything that is running on the desk at the moment.
Let’s figure that I’m on the show at the club, and then I just want to edit the CUE for the gogo dancers that will come to the podiums.
Maybe I’m using separate lights along the venue, and they are not consecutive fixtures.
Then I have to select 1,5 11 and 24 for example… But is tedious to go to the programmer and see what fixtures are there and then type…
Is not that I’m a picky programmer, is just that sometimes things are happening very fast under a lot of pressure and I don’t have time to go and select manually everything.

Is neither an option to create a group specifically for that lights.

I know that there is something, one guy told me maybe 1 year ago on the facebook page, but can’t remember…

[.} [ENTER}

This is by design and was based on user feedback in the beginning of the platform.
Presets select the fixtures, Cues do not. The reasoning is that presets often have a specific purpose and you usually edit them to use next/next/next to adjust e.g. Pan Tilt on a daily focus of a tour.
Cues could be thousands of different fixtures, cues, presets, so selecting all with the last fixture in highlight would not be useful. Often the highest numbered fixtures are the least important (Fog, Confetti etc). In that case there is an EXTRA step needed to deselect all, then select what you really want to work with. Easier to just grab whats needed after the cue edit.

Keep in mind ONYX was designed with a lot of input from music touring and television lighting directors, who often have 10 or more fixtures types in their patch, so the workflow was aligned around the daily needs of such tours and shows.


You are OK, load load, loads everything that is running

The way is Soren Post,


Interesting that I came to the forum to ask this exact question, and here it is, asked just two days ago.