Select/Load/Group "if Active"

Perhaps this is already possible, but I’m looking to be able to Select any Active fixtures within a set range of ID’s.
So, Say 501-518 exist, But there are only values for half of them. That’s a lot of typing to re-select a set of active fixtures.
I know I can Group @ Parameter, But that’s not helpful when 14 units of an 18 unit group are at 6 different intensities and colors…

Is there, or can there be, an easier way to “Select # thru # If Active”?

Follow up, What about expanding the Group @ function to allow multiple filters?
“Group @ 100% @ Preset Blue”

Not sure if i’m understanding… lets say group 1 is 101-105. if i select group 1 but only change the INT values of 102-103 to 100%. Now i want to only have those selected without taking time to deselect fixture through a command line. I found you can record a cue stack, trigger it so your on cue 1and make sure its selected, then Load Load will bring up all the fixtures that had a value back into the programmer. leaving you with 102-103 @ 100% because 101,104,105 had no values when recorded into the cue stack. Maybe that is what you were going for…?
Hope this helped

While that technically accomplishes the goal, it’s not helpful for working within the Programmer to actually build cues for a show. Thank you for thinking around the corner though, that’s a nice method to remember in a pinch.

When working with 100+ fixtures across 30 groups, eventually you run into needing to re-select something to make changes. Just wish there was a simple way to do so.
Even “Group @ Group# @ %” would work if the 'If Active" option doesn’t play nice with the code.
(Meaning- Select fixtures if they are in Group# AND @ % value)