Selected cuelist window - cue focus reset after update cue name


Within a cuelist composed of several cues, when you edit a cuelist name (example, the cue 5), after pressing enter, the cue 1 is focused.

It would be nice to keep the focus on the current edited cue (cue 5).


  • Create a cuelist with 3 cues
  • Edit the name of the cue 2 press enter


  • The cue 1 is focused


  • The cue 2 is still focused, which help the usage of keyboard arrow to switch to next cue and rename it on the fly (instead of moving bottom several time to match the next cue)

This is already implemented in the next version “Selected Cuelist” window? If yes, forget my comment :smiley:

The focus go back to the active cue.
You need to make a cue 2 + enter, then edit cue 2.

But, if the cue 3 is on a wait or follow mode, it’s a pain :smiley:

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Thanks Pierre!

I should know it yesterday, did rename 36x12 cues … Takes me sometimes to rename all cues ^^