Selected cuelist window w/programmer view

On a different platform I have worked they have a selected cuelist window where by default it would show the content of the currently selected cue. However, it was not locked to just the selected cuelist, it would also display anything active in the programmer.

I used this window a lot and I really miss not having this feature because when operating on a single screen with an M1HD I am constantly swapping views between the selected cuelist and the programmer window.

Could a new window be created that is a ‘smart/automatic’ cuelist/programmer window so by default it shows the selected cuelist but anytime you bring anything into the programmer it displays those values on top what was being displayed from the selected cuelist?

Even an option in Cuelist Values to ‘Show Programmer’ would be a simple method of doing so.
i.e. Show Fx, Show Timing, Show Tracked, and Show Programmer