Service center for M2PC and NX Wing

I’ve got both the NX Wing and an M2PC, and am searching for service centers where I can have them looked at, currently I only have issues with the M2PC. I need to find replacement parts for the faders and encoder wheels. I’ll likely end up opening it up and finding the oem marks on the coresponding parts to order from some random chinese importer, but if possible I’m under direction to replace with True oem parts. I’ve seen reference to ‘pn 04222003’ for the faders, but that was when Martin lighting existed. I’ve tried to reach out to Elation’s repair unit, with no success. If anyone has tips on how to get in touch, where to order these parts any advice will be of great service.

Where are you located?

I’m located in Denver, Colorado, United States.

Your service can be performed at our Los Angeles office. There are technicians educated in Onyx and M-Series hardware and we have a large parts stock in house.