sgnificant delay on nx1 fader

hello, we realized a delay of nearly a half second, if we move the fader on a nx1.
it does not matter which kind of playback we record on a fader.
fast fader moves has a significant dely.

can you provide a video? i recently did a lot of netron performance tests using NX1 and did not find any delay on NX1 fader moves.

@deflost - Not sure what version you are running but there was also a firmware update required for the NX1 faders. This does not seem like it will fix the problem you a describing so please still submit a video for @Matthias to review. But you may want to check the firmware version and provide additional feedback that will help Matthias.

…we try to update firmware, but only the folder with the same firmware as already was installed was found by the update tool from menu. where can we find the newest firmware manually on the nx1, or is there a single download for that? we can check a pc version of.1254 tomorrow, and will see if there is the newest one installed by onyx setup.
but on nx1 with .1254 there were only the old firmeware foundable for us.