In the scripted TV/Film industry, where we run multiple stages and sometimes multiple units/programmers, it is darn near essential that we have the ability to load and merge show files from other users.

With this capability we are able to properly utilize a rigging programmer who can lay the ground work as well as a 2nd unit programmer who can simply load any preferred presets from the main unit programmer without having to use the show file, thus continuing to work in their own preferred layout.

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I need to know how to change files made for an MA to a fixture file I can use on the MPC. Is there such a thing??

Hi Amanda, sadly there is not. No way at all that I know of.

Fixture File?? Do you mean Fixture Profile?
If you mean converting a show file, no manufacturer will let you transfer show files between different platforms…

But I did plenty show file conversions via DMX In

Ofer Brum
Onyx Library Support

Hey Ofer. Yeah my buddy and I worked out dmx merge in and were able to record the values as a mirror of the 2nd show file but in the end it is tedious compared to other systems. Having the ability to take an entire show’s data, cues, groups, 2D plans would put Onyx toe-to-toe any program out there, then add Dylos. !!!

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Do you know of any other Lighting platform, that will let you upload shows from other platforms?


but what about a more detailled import/ export of general show data.
cuelists with fade/ split time and id’s and so on.
so then we can parse the info out we need and import to onyx what exactly we need. so, the others do That.



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… in this style we were able to automate the most exchange tasks between grandma 1+2 and all kind of chamsys systems, also etc can do this…
it is super fast and 98% accurate…

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Oh yeah I just meant from Onyx to Onyx.

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Yes. This.

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I agree partial show merge in Onyx is a huge, huge deal on the desires list.

It would also be good to be able to open shows between version numbers (going down as well as up). I understand why this can never work perfectly, especially going from higher major version numbers to lower, but having some kind of even partial functionality (via partial show merge?) would help in a lot of situations.

I too work mostly in movie/TV, and it is just the case that we all have to work with one showfile, and have the same version running on all the production machines.