Show file wont load

Hello, My showfile often gets stuck at the loading and optimizing show step. It does open a second display window so I know it must be reading the show file to some degree but it never moves past that. Its intermittent and started on 4.6.1219 and I am not running 4.6.1226. My primary PC is an Asus TUF with 16Gb memory, 1tb NVMe M2 drive and an i7 11th gen CPU, although this happens on all my PCs. I have let it sit for up to an hour with no luck. Is there anyway you can look at my file and tell me if something is wrong? This is incredibly frustrating as I lose time waiting for it to load before rebooting and starting again.

@edyoucaterself -

Not sure if this is much help, but it might help narrow the problem. Does this happen on all show files or just a specific one? How about if you try starting a new show file? And then loading the new show file?

Just a thought to maybe help get some better direction.


Upload your show file here: Obsidian Control Systems Uploads and send us a note, we’ll have a look