show name in properties window

When typing here the show name, can we please have something showing us what we are typing?

Thank you very much!


So there is actually a screen popup which i guess in your case is behind the keyboard. Here is a picture when i move the keyboard.

As you see it exists!
I hope this helps!

//Martin Hedström

Thank you!

Can I please ask if it would be possible to make the QWERTY keyboard pop up window not on top but under the edit one?

The keyboard is displayed at its last position, so the position which was hiding the field was given by you, or you never moved it previously?

Maybe a 50% transparent background on the keyboard should be a nice idea to see that’s something pop-up under?

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I had never touched it before you guys told me that it was under.
But maybe some transparent window would help all the rest of the people!