Show-Stopping Bug in 1045

I can include my show file if necessary.

It use to be doing a Snap+Release would cause my entire show file to lockup and require a full system reboot to correct. The new issue is that no matter what my show file is crashing and locking up. Checking task manager reveals that COM Surrogate is jumping to over 90% cpu usage presumably causing the crashing. I think maybe my show file is corrupted, but I am not certain would I simply cannot delete this show file and start over. Interestingly running the same file on my laptop the same issue did not persist.

Thank you guys



This sounds more like a bad install on the machine. Especially with the file working on the laptop.

You might try confirming that Windows is up to date and if so, try a new install of the software.

Hope this helps,


Snap Release works instantly for me. It does indeed seem like a corrupt install on a specific pc.