Showcockpit OSC

Hi all, I have a question:
I have to connect a midi controller (Elation Midicon 2) to Onyx. I used to use ShowCocktip with the Onyx drivers but they are compatible up to version 4.2.1057.0. an alternative could be to use the Onyx-OSC drivers but I tried and it doesn’t work, maybe because even here the compatibility goes up to version 4.4.1186?
is anyone using them with version 4.6 or 4.8 and do they work?
Thank you!

They indeed do work!

A big issue I had with showcockpit OSC was the input and output ports were labeled backwards. Try flipping your OSC ports in showcockpit and you might have better luck.

Also If you are using showcockpit on the same machine that ONYX is running on. You may need to enable a loopback adapter for your network.

Let me know if this works. I use showcockpit daily with MIDI controllers.

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Thank you so much!

YES THANK YOU SO MUCH! i just spent an hour trying a variety of different things only for it to be something i would NEVER think of