Shutter on Fader

I am trying to control the shutter speed of a group of heads via an override fader.
The problem is the override acts as an on/off switch (no in between values) and the values of the shutter speed also include “random,open” etc, not just the speed.
How can i specify that i want the whole fader to activate only a specific region (25%-37% for example) of the shutter speed ?

My final goal is to have a fader that:

  1. In it’s “- ∞” is my 25% of the shutter speed setting (or any setting as a matter of fact :slight_smile: )
  2. In it’s “max” value is my 37% of the shutter speed setting.
  3. Runs smoothly from “- ∞” to “max” activating all the possible in between values.

Thanks in advance !

Try Q blender
here a link on how to do it
Override with Q-Blender