Sketchup import issue

Hello everybody !

i’ve a problem
when i want to import sketchup model in the modeler, it take a very long time to come in
For exemple : just a Midas console sketchup’s model (3Mb) take more than 10 minutes !
Have you got this problem ? Do you know what i’m supposed to do ?

Try saving that file as Sketchup 2017, first

It would help, sending the file to Lighthouse Support, or placing a link, here

Files saved as Sketchup 2017 … but still take too much time to import …
Here is the link for some examples …

Took some time, but it’s working :slight_smile:

BTW, the 2nd file was fairly big (13MB)… That’s why it took longer, to convert…

Here you go, Anthony:

Anthony.rar (2.3 MB)

Thanks Offer !
It is working but it took 40 minutes to convert the big file today on my computer …

There was no need to, as that library already contains both Sketchup files…

The 13MB file took about 3-4 minutes, to convert on my PC…


I know Ofer that i don’t need to convert the file but i wanted to try on my computer …
I think i need to check all the computer to find the problem
Best regards
Thanks again

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