Smartshow NetPixel ONE controllers, not Artnet discovered


I have just acquired a couple of SmartShow NetPixel ONE LED pixel controllers. I’m having trouble getting Onyx to discover them over ArtNet however. Some Wiresharking shows that Onyx is sending ArtPoll broadcasts every 10 seconds of type TalkToMe 0x02, Send me ArtPollReply on change, which the NetPixels don’t respond to.

Using Artnetominator, it does discover the NetPixels, but it’s ArtPoll brodcasts are of the type TalkToMe 0x00, Send diagnostics unicast.

I can of course force Onyx to unicast to one of the controllers, but not both. Any ideas how I can get Onyx to talk to both of them?


Onyx will send art-net, you may need to configure them with a different tool. Art-Net discovery is not required by the protocol, and onyx will send data regardless of them being detected and shown in the UI.

Thanks Mathias
Onyx can broadcast Artnet DMX certainly, but the NetPixels don’t work with that either as for both ArtPoll and broadcast they seem to be listening to 255…255.255.255 (Hadn’t spotted that before, but that seems to be what ArtNetominator does also for ArtPoll). That means the only way I can control one of them is to use the Override Unicast to specific IP address setting. Looks like poor implementation on their side but that’s unfortunatelyt not going to help me for my show next week.

There are no other ways in ONYX, you should ask SmartShow for advice on their Art-Net implementation.

You could try sACN as well, but ONYX uses multicast for it.

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