Snap Parameters on M-Touch

It would be nice to hold snap and touch a location on the parameter bar.
For example, on a fresh fixture, holding snap then tapping the top of the bar to instantly reach 100%.
If there are any existing features, please let me know because I would use it all the time. Thank you

Do you want it for live playing or for programming?

If you want it for live playing, what you looking for is called either flash- or bump buttons.
What you have to do for that is create a new override in one of your 12 playbacks with the desired fixture and parameter at 100%. Now you can press the button below the fader to quickly bump the fader up to 100% and release to get it back down to 0% or the fader value.

You can also change the attack, decay and hold for the flash if you like to do that instead.

if you have a PC with a touchscreen or external Midi keyboard I recommend placing the override on a function button or physical button so you are not wasting the extra playback.
I do this for nearly all my effects.

For Programming you can type “@” int the programmer, hit the parameter of choice in software and type 100, Enter. That will also set the parameter at full, but at that point it might just be faster to scroll all the way up to full. It you just want to maximise intensity, just select fixtures and hit “full”.

What would stop you from using presets?

Feel free to ask any more questions.


Maybe touch the parameter fader and then type @ full ?

Thank you both for your suggestions. This is for programming purposes.

On the M-Touch/NX-Touch, parameters can be adjusted by sliding on the parameter touch faders, which can be glitchy and picky. I do have presets created, and I do use “@ x” command. What I’m suggesting is a simple quality-of-life improvement that would speed up programming in many situations.

Holding Snap and simply touching a location on the fader would allow users to test multiple values very quickly during preset creation. There would be no need to type “@ full”, swipe on the parameter fader, or even reach for the mouse.

For example, Pan/Tilt values cannot cover the entire range in one full swipe of the fader - in fact, it takes me 4 full swipes. (I wouldn’t really use this for Pan/tilt, but I think you get the point)

Not everyone has the luxury of a touch screen - including me, I wish I had one but the venue refuses to pay for one. I’m sure there are many in similar situations, especially considering the M-Touch/NX-Touch is a budget console.

Ok, good points.

Isn’t it possible on M-Touch to reduce the resolution of pan/Tilt to lets say 4 bits? Wouldn’t that reduce your number of strokes?

If you have the money to get show cockpit you could program a custom key on your keyboard or Midi device to set the parameters to full with a press of a button.

I’ll look into these solutions, thank you very much.

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