SNAP+REL some fixtures just stays on HELP please

No matter what I do, killing everything seems to leave a couple of lamps on…

How do I prevent that ?

Check if you have any sub masters or overrides on dimmer channels still ON, check if there are any presets for intensity still up, and check if some of the cue lists are blocked for global release.

It’s the Onyx Wing, so it was hard to find (non motorizes faders).

Couln’t find the SUB nor the preset that was causing troubled.
There were no fixtures parked either (seems to me it looked like it was parked).

Actually found a solution… after an hour (we had to prepare a dance show, not a lot of time to create, or take our full attention on the bug) So we restart the whole thing (program and board). And it did it.

But still dont get it… maybe a rare bug…


I would pay attention to the sub masters, overrides and cue lists that contain this specific devices that stayed on. Check the playlists one by one (if you don’t have too many of them)…

You can create a window to see which cuelists are active, or go to the cuelist directory itself as it shows the active cues there.
It could just be a bug even if restarting resolved it.

Restart helps also as on start-up all cues are OFF…