some questions about onyx

Hi folks
I’m new to the m-pc/onyx software , I do have experience on other boards etc so I’m familiar with most of the concepts yet a few things in onyx are a bit strange/missing/exotic to me hence this post. starting with
-a pan/tilt offset, i can invert and swap pan/tilt but cant find an offset in the patch where one would expect it to live , this is an important one to me giving some shows tendency to fly their spots needing a 90deg pan offset .
-when selecting fixtures in the 2d plan one by one the programmer seems to remember the order of selection (even different models regardless of fixturenumber) but when one does a selection with the build in square or line selectior it reverts to selecting by model and than fixture number. is this a setting somewhere? , it would be nice to swipe over a collection of different heads in the 2d plan and have the programmer use this as the selection sequence . makes for fast progging of fanned positions etc over a collection of types spots without selecting them one by one in a straight line .

  • the playback buttons view has a handy pre-select feature in it that gets triggered with the hardware main GO on wings , it would be handy if pre-selecting was posible with holding the hardware select button on the wings rather than onscreen only.
    -getting artnet to work , I only get artnet to work when changing the node ip adress to the auto ip adress onyx generates . dialing it in manualy to match the nodes range, mostly ( with mask ( doesn’t work.

For you first question on pan/ till offset you need to change the default value
set you new pan tilt value on your lights and merge to the default value screen

Welcome on board :slight_smile:

There are no PT offset function. What you can do is hardly use preset feature and embedded preset to avoid too much adjustments when arriving on FOH.

The selection order is the base for FX in Onyx. With for the order of your selection, it will depend how you have selected your fixture (the order will not be the same if you make a selection starting from the bottom to the top, or top to bottom (the order follow the selection).

Don’t hesitate to create groups to keep your fixture order