Some work space controls not responding when maximised on external screen

After upgrading my laptop to a Lenovo so I would have the option to have a mobile touch screen for basic shows I have installed Onyx and copied an old basic show file across (alas having to accept losing my rock solid M-PC M-DMX BCF2000 PC-Tools setup).

I now have a problem with extending the screen to my external display where if I maximise the work space certain columns of controls do not respond or playback bank controls.
Video showing controls working and then not once maximised
Sorry need to press play to get full video.
Both screens set to windows recommended resolution etc.
Windows indicates it has seen the screen contact with a slight change in the screen under the finger.
Any pointers gratefully appreciated thanks.

Had this issue as well, on ONPC system.
Before starting ONYX it is recommended to have Your desktop size set to 100%.
Check it by Right click on the desktop, and go to Display settings. there will be scale and layout section.
Set it to 100%. Reset the PC and start onyx. All should be back to normal.

Thanks Mike appreciate this, I’ll try 100% again.
So far I’ve only manged to get things to work if both set to 150% with both screens having the same native resolution 1920 * 1080.

Thanks Mike got it to work at 100% with a power cycle.

Glad it worked out. Cheers