Something I could do w light jockey but cant seem to do w onyx

Hi! Going to try to be succinct with this:

In light jockey I would use the slots in the cue to set the priority of my sequences. Ie: all movements would be slot 2, all colors slot 4, gobos slot 5, intensity fade chases and gate chases or ‘all open’ etc in slot 10. In onyx I use ‘priority’ on my cuelists/ chases for this.

In light jockey I used three dimmer channels for this BRG led tape strip I have. I did the same thing in onyx. I set all tree channels as needed into my color sequences (lj slot 4) (I think I went w the dimming channels bc there was not a BRG led in LJ)

This is where the issue begins …

In light jockey I had a sequence called ‘2 PG CHS’ (2 page chase) which played in slot 10. On the first page of the sequence i set the BRG dimmer channels to ‘SNAP’ to zero. On the second page I set those dimmer to ‘OFF’ thereby allowing whatever color happened to be in slot 4 to shine thru.

Essentially I used that second page as a transparent pass thru / place holder type thing that would allow me set the chase bpm to the music and the strip would flash on and off in whatever color was in slot 4.

Is there a way to do this in onyx? That would be awesome if I could. How do I create that ‘null’ info /transparent page as my second cue of this chase?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you everyone!

Hi Everyone!
So I figured it out!

The answer is to patch a generic BRG or RGB but to also use “VIRTUAL DIMMER ON”.

That’s all I needed!

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