Sound triggered chase


I am just trying out the Onyx software to run the lights form my small band. From what I have seen it looks great and should work perfectly with my enntec pro interface and I should hopefully be able to control cues/chases via my mixer (UI24r) app as I beieve it can run OSC triggers.

However, as the drummer, sound and lx person, I need to be able to trigger chases to move to the beat automatically. It appears that the software cannot (or could not before it was take over by Elation) be sound activated. Is this still the case? If so is there a workaround, perhaps I could somehow use a midi trigger on the kick drum to achieve this?

If this isn’t possible it looks like I may have to go back to learning QLC, which I really dont want to do!!

Thanks in advance for your help

this is indeed not (yet) possible to trigger cues automatically via music.


Audio triggering is possible via midi. Midi triggering on your kick is also possible. Search the forum for audio triggering with Reaper, for some step by step instructions


Since you are new to the platform, one thing to be aware of. When you use chases, you can set the “tempo / beats” by repeatedly pressing the go button for that chase. So you can trigger a few “go” commands from your “source” (OSC or reaper, whatever you choose), and then let the chase run.

Hope this helps,