Specific playbacks can't be triggered by touch screen ON PC


I have a NX Wing, working with an Acer Swift/G Story Touch Screen and a Surface Pro 6 as a Back Up.

The Acer Swift is a temporary replacement laptop and I’m having problems with the Touch function and Onyx.
While I do see the touch animation on the G Story screen ( the touch screen works well ), some specific playbacks won’t trigger. Around the edges of the playback page and, for some reason, on the second playback window on the bottom of my main screen.
But interestingly enough, when I delete that second page and make juste one big playback window, the playbacks on the bottom of the page start triggering.

I also have problems with my Surface Pro 6, I often have to double clic to trigger playbacks.

I’m running 4.4.1193

Does anyone know where those problems could come from ?

Thank you !


Set your display scaling to 100% or install release preview 4.5 to correct this.

Thank you so much !
It was already 100% but 4.5 fixed it, worked perfectly

Thanks for confirming this is fixed for you in 4.5.