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Onyx 4.4.1188 launch problem

I guess the Windows Update suggestion didn’t help? Could you restart the AnyDesk application, as I don’t seem able to login? Then I could look some more.

After intervention by obsidian support it works. Very professional and very efficient team. I can use Onyx now. Thank you for the hard work on my computer.


Could a solution to this problem please be posted or this fixed? I’ve been trying to fix it for days using multiple versions of Onyx/M-pc with no luck. I’ve done every variation of onyxcleanerv1 cleaning that i could do. I’ve done a system restore and lost some files to it so this problem is getting on my nerve. I’m using a new yoga c740 laptop with all the windows updates installed.
It was fine with M-pc but when I tried upgrading to Onyx it started doing the problem, now I can’t get M-pc or Onyx to work. Really annoying…

It was a manual intervention, where we collected information to extend our cleanup utility, though. Now we would like to confirm we collected enough information, so if you could also please run/install the AnyDesk app and PM me the ID so I can access your system

I’m experiencing the same error messages when upgrading from 4.2.1057 to 4.4.1186. Can you post the solution? Thanks!

An intervention request must be made to They will solve the problem.

Please PM me your AnyDesk ID, we’re still searching confirmation we covered everything for our cleanup.

Hello, I also have the same problem, whether to uninstall, update or install ONYX, at least you don’t get bored during containment. Thank you

I also have this problem. How can I go about fixing it?

Please always state your version #

Apologies - Onyx V4.4.1193.0

Have you tried a reinstall of 1193? is your windows up to date?

Yes, tried both. Windows is fully up to date. Uninstalled and reinstalled Onyx.

How about a clean new showfile?

Tried that, with same result. The issue seems to be within windows, after a windows update, an issue took place with ‘COM+’ applications. Seems to be a difficult fix.