Still Not updated

So, the club Im working for has a first generation M1 console. I was told by the former LD that the last time the console had issues, he was told that the console was not supported anymore. Is this accurate? This console has not been updated apparently since early 2017, therefore has NOT been updated to Onyx. Was just wondering if this version of the console CAN be updated and/or if anyone else has had any issues.


I would not see an issue with the console being updated. I’m not 100% for sure on that, nor a professional by any means. But I mean it’s no different then any computer that has been outdated. Just needs a fresh update I’d assume. Then would be running they way it should be.


The M1 is one of the older consoles in the “fleet”, but at the moment is still supported. Just make sure that when you go to update it you 1) back up all needed files and workspaces / screens to a jump drive as the upgrade will wipe out the drive. And 2) make sure to download the M1 ONYX OS 4.2.1045 zip file (not the HD version) and follow the instruction for a full OS upgrade.

Just curious what version you are coming from? Or you might want to check the release notes to see all the “bug fixes” and “improvements” that have been made since the version you are running on. You can find the release notes and the OS downloads link below. As a friendly reminder, don’t do this before a show. I would recommend, doing it when you have a few days of down time, just to let you get familiar with all the new features and possibly the GUI looks.

Hope this helps,


The console is build 3.70.885.0 with the library revision from April 2017. Have a few shows this week, so I’ll probably try the update early next week. Thanks again!