Strange behaviour

So we just setting up a large dmx system in a venue.

We are running grandma 3, in grandma 2 mode… ARTNET.

We are finding we loose data across all our nodes every few secs…

When I looked in detail we found some of the nodes were appearing as as Artnet Sources… But all are nodes are set to output.

On an EN4 all ports set to output same universe… Currently only 1 line plugged in…

We have found if we disable the ports we are not using the problem goes away in terms of the random drop out.

I’m still not sure why some nodes seem to be transmitting on the network…

Any ideas?

And what exactly is protocol repeat?

I’d start by setting the nodes to Netron Preset 2.x.x.x to reset them to factory defaults. Sounds like you have mergers active that send on the same Universe # as the MA, causing conflicts.

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