Stroboscope and swap (submaster cue)


There’s something I’ve been struggling with for years.
I don’t know how make a strob (like atomic300) swap.

As submaster only manage the dim/output channel, the strobe/strob dur/strobe speed are ignore or not set as I want when I flash or swap the submaster.

I want to use a submaster cuelist to have flash and swap on the same fader.
From years, I create to overide culist. One with my strob, and the other one with my strobe + all other fixture with dim at 0 + fx dim at 0 + all dylos zone at 0.
It’s not really optimize to work like this, and by the way, this don’t shutdown active submaster list.

My question is : How do you manage on your side the swap with some strob ?

Thanks a lot for your help.